Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thank you for all of your encouraging and thoughtful comments! You are all so fabulous!
I have decided to share some more with you!
A few years ago Sean used to have a business that bought luxury real estate - long story short when Sean decided to leave the company he got one of the houses. This house is in Las Vegas and if I told you how much our mortgage was on it, I think you would throw up in your mouth!
Now, I need to get you caught up before I move on with my story...about a year or so ago Sean made a risky move, which wasn't anything new! He leveraged a crazy amount of money against some land we have by our house to invest in a project that he was trying to buy in Scotland. Again, long story short, after months and months of lining up the banks that were going to do the lending for the whole project they backed out due to the then foreseen financial crisis.
So, a few months ago after he lost the money from that deal, and at that point not having the anticipated funds coming in from it either - he decided to call the bank and try to work out a deal to try and keep current with the house in Las Vegas while we were waiting to hopefully sale it and/or create some alternate income!
This is where the story gets good! So, he calls and tells the mortgage company that he needs them to help stay on track and they tell him that they can't do anything for him until he misses a payment. How dumb is that?!! He called so many people and even had a good plan on how to make it a win win situation and eventually ended up talking to the president of the the lending division of this company and told him his situation and what a joke it was that they weren't able to do anything for him. Even he said, sorry we can't help you.
So, here is someone who has never been late on a payment in three years and has been an exceptional client and you are telling them until they actually have a problem (not just for see one!) they can't do a single thing for you!
So, in order to keep some money in the bank and provide for our needs for the next unknown amount of time before we had income again. We eventually had to choose to not make our payments on that house.
Then we get all kinds of people from the mortgage company calling and saying, "hey, we really appreciate your business, you are a VIP client, yady yada yada..." what a bunch of crap!
After a couple of missed payments they call and say they want to help us and their helping is that if we get caught up on our payments they will remove the late from our credit! Are you kidding me!
I could go on, but I think you get the point!
We feel so stuck and TRAPPED no matter where we turn! I know that we got our selves into this mess and somehow we will get ourselves out! But, I wanted to share in hopes that it might do some good!
I'm sorry this post is so long and I hope that I didn't share too much! And, I hope my husband doesn't mind! Love you honey!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Worth the Read

I sat down the other day to ponder on our recent trials and why we are going through them and what I can and have learned from them.
One of the huge reasons for me, I believe is so that I can share some of my experiences with others. So, after being inspired a number of times to speak up and talk about it - I'm finally doing it.
I am not ashamed or embarrassed of what I want to share or I wouldn't be doing this, but I also don't plan to divulge every nitty gritty detail of my life either, some things are meant to be private and are probably better left unsaid.
Also, let me just say, I am not a writer, nor will I pretend to be. If you are anything like my mom, you will read this and first off notice all my grammar and punctuation errors - so for that I apologize ahead of time!
Rather than just post these entries on our family blog I decided that I would separate the two. I will still maintain the other blog and what you see there is and will always be a major and real part of our lives. I believe that often, if not always most blogs you click on depict this perfect image of a family and their lives, but really that is just a small part of our lives and of course - probably the good parts, the parts we want to share with the world! Who wouldn't want everyone to think life is so happy and cute and fun all of the time?! Of course, it is all of those things, but as we all know there is so much more...hence the purpose of this blog.
The first thing I would like to talk about is something that I think is effecting everyone to some degree. I feel like it has effected us for quite some time and now it is finally hitting the rest of America too, but that may merly be my perception. If you haven't already guessed, I am referring to our financial world.
For the past 5 or so years my husband has been involved with mortgages, real estate, investments and developing. As you can imagine, it created quite the nice income. He did very well. We lived a fairly lush lifestyle - driving fancy cars, owning multiple vacation homes, eating out all the time, shopping whenever I wanted, traveling often, etc. and all the while not really having to worry about money. I'm only telling you these things to paint a picture for you.
Well, since the line of work that my husband is in basically hit a turn for the worse, and among some other things too - we have had to essentially live on savings for the past two to three years. Knowing what we know now and looking back we sure would have done things differently.
I would like to say that we have been taken care of and I am so thankful. I truly have a testimony of tithing and fast offerings as well. I believe the Lord helped to prepare us for that lull in our income, or lack there of.
Meanwhile, my husband was working hard every day, optimistic of a turn around and to make a long story somewhat short, we made decisions that have led us to where we are today.
Now, let me back up for a minute ...when we first got married about 7 years ago we had both just gotten home from our missions and were totally broke. We struggled big time and it was such a huge stress. Looking back now, it is kind of funny because we had no debt at all. And, now to take us to the present time we are struggling again but in such a different realm and I think I would love to be back in that situation again! Ironically, I am not near as stressed about our current circumstance as I was back then. Like I keep saying, I know we are going through this for many reasons and that comforts me.
My husbands work has started to turn the corner and is looking up. We are excited, but realistic too. We know we have a long road ahead of us, so we are learning to cut back and we are learning what is a necessity versus a want - all over again.  And, it will be more of a permanent change too - regardless of what the future will bring.  We have learned to view money and "things" differently.  Honestly, it is kind of refreshing.
It is funny that when my husband first started to make good money, I wasn't used to it and preferred not to spend it or make any major changes with our lifestyle, but slowly things changed and now I have to admit it is not the easiest thing to just go right back to the way things were before, but I know it is not a big deal at the same time.
I have been comforted time and time again over the past couple of years that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and we are on the right track. I know that we were and are supposed to be going through this at this time in our lives because there are things Heavenly Father needs to teach us and this is how we are going to learn them! I have told my husband, he is one that has to be hit on the head to pay attention and see what needs to change. I will say, he is being hit HARD on the head right now, but I know when all is said and done we will forever be grateful.
It is interesting to me as I listen on TV to all this stuff going on about the great bailout and I think of the counsel from our prophets for the past how ever many years to stay out of debt, pay off your house, and stock up on your food storage. I hope the majority of us have been able to do some of that! What a blessing now, to those who had faith and heeded their counsel.
I am not writing this to make it seem like I am down on life or a person who likes to dwell on the negative because anyone who knows me will know that is not me at all. I am doing this to give each other strength and to help people talk about things that they wish were easier to open up and talk about.
My hope is that we can all be uplifted by this blog and that it might be a source of inspiration and motivation. If for nothing else - it will do that for me.