Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thank you for all of your encouraging and thoughtful comments! You are all so fabulous!
I have decided to share some more with you!
A few years ago Sean used to have a business that bought luxury real estate - long story short when Sean decided to leave the company he got one of the houses. This house is in Las Vegas and if I told you how much our mortgage was on it, I think you would throw up in your mouth!
Now, I need to get you caught up before I move on with my story...about a year or so ago Sean made a risky move, which wasn't anything new! He leveraged a crazy amount of money against some land we have by our house to invest in a project that he was trying to buy in Scotland. Again, long story short, after months and months of lining up the banks that were going to do the lending for the whole project they backed out due to the then foreseen financial crisis.
So, a few months ago after he lost the money from that deal, and at that point not having the anticipated funds coming in from it either - he decided to call the bank and try to work out a deal to try and keep current with the house in Las Vegas while we were waiting to hopefully sale it and/or create some alternate income!
This is where the story gets good! So, he calls and tells the mortgage company that he needs them to help stay on track and they tell him that they can't do anything for him until he misses a payment. How dumb is that?!! He called so many people and even had a good plan on how to make it a win win situation and eventually ended up talking to the president of the the lending division of this company and told him his situation and what a joke it was that they weren't able to do anything for him. Even he said, sorry we can't help you.
So, here is someone who has never been late on a payment in three years and has been an exceptional client and you are telling them until they actually have a problem (not just for see one!) they can't do a single thing for you!
So, in order to keep some money in the bank and provide for our needs for the next unknown amount of time before we had income again. We eventually had to choose to not make our payments on that house.
Then we get all kinds of people from the mortgage company calling and saying, "hey, we really appreciate your business, you are a VIP client, yady yada yada..." what a bunch of crap!
After a couple of missed payments they call and say they want to help us and their helping is that if we get caught up on our payments they will remove the late from our credit! Are you kidding me!
I could go on, but I think you get the point!
We feel so stuck and TRAPPED no matter where we turn! I know that we got our selves into this mess and somehow we will get ourselves out! But, I wanted to share in hopes that it might do some good!
I'm sorry this post is so long and I hope that I didn't share too much! And, I hope my husband doesn't mind! Love you honey!